Gallery 5 Show Allows Visitors to Confront their Trauma


by Sara Frazier


Two CFA students’ hard work paid off with their collaborative multimedia exhibition in Gallery 5.


Friars, Demons, and Saints: a Guide to the Met Cloisters


by Sophie Bartholomew


A discussion of the breadth of New York’s best medieval art collection


Sargent Art Installation


by Simone Migliori


A new art installation in the Movement & Applied Imaging lab of Sargent College serves as a reminder of the rewards of collaboration between the worlds of art and science.


Brian Murphy: the Happiness Sculptor


by Anna Spier


Brian Murphy uses wire to create fun, imaginative sculptures for both young and adult audiences.


A Conversation with Olivia Hamilton


by Olivia LaRosa


A very serious discussion with CFA senior Olivia Hamilton about her work, influences, and the art world.


The BU Art Galleries: Innovation on Campus


by Hannah Jew


Often ignored, the BU Galleries offer innovative contemporary art experiences.


Threshold Dweller: David Lynch and Resurgent Surrealism in 2017


by Olivia LaRosa


A look at the surrealist movement in 2017 through the work and influences of David Lynch.


Art in the Wild: Cambridge


by Clay Mcdermott


You don't have to go to a museum to wax poetic about art. You can do it in your own neighborhood!


Takashi Murakami at the MFA: Doing Away with the Western Gaze


by Rachel Kubrick


In the new Takashi Murakami show, the MFA puts Japanese art at the forefront with a fresh perspective.





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